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Product Warranty and Strength

Our group is formed by specialized companies whose objective is that of consolidating a process of quality for our products by innovating and monitoring the manufacturing, packing, labeling, storing, packaging, and shipping processes. This turns our company into a multidisciplinary group working together to offer you the best customer service results.

The following are among our specialized companies:


Manufacturer of aluminum tubes

Supplier of compressible aluminum tubes for semi-solid products, creams and ointments mainly focused to supply the Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, Food, and Personal Care industries.

Manufacturing this kind of package is strictly under international norms and meets the demands for quality of the domestic and the international industry. We use top quality raw materials in our processes which, as the case may be, absolutely meet the FDA 175.300 CE directive.



Total warehouse surface for the finished product is 36,000 m2 and an area of 21,000 m2 is used with a free height of 12 m and capacity to store 20,000 pallets.

There are 23 loading and unloading gates with ramp dock levelers each, guillotine doors and lighting system.

There is an automated dynamic picking system for supplying parts, equipped with a carton-flow system and conveyors.

Nattura International

Present in over 60 countries