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Because we are aware that beauty lies in natural ingredients, Natural Beauty Care has evolved with formulas that include all the power of nature for an extraordinary hair. This strengthens and extends its specialized solution line for beauty professionals worldwide and is concerned with the environment as it only uses biodegradable packing for all its products.


  • 100% Biodegradable Packaging
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Animal Free
  • Reforestation of the Amazon/li>
  • Local Production
  • Fair Trade



In view of the treasures embedded in the Amazon, it is relevant that we commit ourselves with its natural biodiversity with the purpose of preserving the richness of its environment. As result of this, there emerged a socially responsible institution with the Brazilian community and the heritage of humanity.

Mission: Among the main commitments of the Manaquiri institute, the protection, preservation and conservation of the environment is remarkable.

Encouraged by sustainable development, technological research and development surveys are performed to create alternative forms of production and the dissemination of information. Nattura Laboratories is a sensible procurer committed with eco-sustainability.

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