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Pravana Philosophy

From its formation in 2004, PRAVANA has maintained a philosophy of advancing beyond the traditional creation of products. It has defined personal hair care with a commitment to care for and maintain the brand’s highest quality and its products.

PRAVANA makes an emphasis on maintaining a RESPONSIBLE and ALTRUISTIC awareness which includes natural and biodegradable packages and the development of products with environmentally-friendly ingredients.

constant innovation

There are over 30 products distributed in 4 main lines: Hair Care, Styling, Color and Professional Treatments.

PRAVANA is present in over 15 countries worldwide and it is recognized by influential institutions in the Beauty Industry.

Online Store

Beginning in 2014 PRAVANA opened its Online store with the purpose of making the whole range of hair-care and styling products available to customers. (Professional products only available for stylists).

The Pravana Passport

Our training commitment is unstoppable, thus the constant contributing innovation for the professional growth of all of our stylists community.

Natural hair care

"I wanted to propel the idea of beauty and personal care to a different level. What if personal care was beyond the creation of beauty only and encompassed a significant action for our planet and its dwellers? You can call it a dream, I call it NEVO.”

Steven Goddard President, Pravana

Men Dimension

  • First line with a 100% biodegradable package.
  • 100% Vegano. With animal-free ingredients.
  • An elixir of exclusive ingredients from the Amazon.
  • Gluten Free.

NEVO Evolution Care has made an effort to provide for kidney failure and donates 5% of the total sales to *ACAVI for this cause. * A Private Social Welfare Nonprofit Institution.

Find the NEVO Evolution product line at:


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