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Hold and Styling

Moco de Gorila (Gorilla Snot) is a hair hold and styling line especially designed to create a hairdo to reflect your personality. When using ‘Moco de Gorila’ you will have a strong hold without damaging your hair, as it is prepared by using highest quality natural ingredients; in addition, you can reactivate it by using water throughout the day to renew your hairdo with no need for a second application.

Several Presentations

Choose your version: “Punk” indestructible; “Rocker” explosive; “Galan” (Gallant) extra shiny; and “Sport” energy. Presentations: Squeeze, Jar, or take it along in its mini version. And for a reduced hold, but with a spectacular look, try the new Gorilla Wax (Cerilla de Gorila), Ceragel, for a moist look. Moco de Gorila (Gorilla Snot) is the look of your attitude. And you… What’s up?



Get the look tha will make you different with a hairstyle that can with stand all weather conditions and activity.



Due to its long lasting hold effet you will be like a star, showing your style all party long, throughout the whole concert or any other activity you are involved in.



Create extra-shiny hair styles that your fans will not be able to resist.



Now you can create sporty hair styles that reflect the energy of a high performance athlete.



With GORILLA EARWAX® new Wet Look Wax Gel you'll be able to have a fashionable hairdo without waiting for it to dry, while helping keep Gorillas ears free of Earwax. Our innovative GORILLA EARWAX® formula and the carefully selected ingredients allow you to style your hair easily. regardless if it's thick or thin. GORILLA EARWAX® leaves no residues and helps reflect your attitude in your look. EARWAS YOUR HAIR!

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